3 months ago
    Hello project mentors I am a new contributor in moja global and i want to work on the gsoc idea UI pipeline for a deforestation predictor that was not selected this year but i think this is the one of the most important project out there and i can help to fight with climate change with this project . I have experience in react js, django , java -script . i have used these tech in my personal projects . Kindly help me how can I start.
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    3 months ago
    @alert-table-43698 I'll get back to you by eod today
    Hello Rahul, sure we can start working on it. So we will require a rough draft not very formal as a GSoC proposal but a rough idea of how you think you will implement this pipeline
    You should use more diagrams and flowcharts, and we would be fine even if they are handwritten and not digitally created.
    Basically, we want a gist of your proposal of the flow of data, the tech stack you are planning to implement, and how much time you think you’ll require