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    11/30/2022, 12:36 PM
    for a small open source project that aims to be an open source alternative to clubhouse/twitterspace (real time audio chat) we are using Livekit for the realtime voice chat, and we are planning on self hosting through akash a distributed peer-to-peer marketplace for cloud computing, we are having some trouble making it work so far I have generated the configs with the help of
    docker run --rm -it -v$PWD:/output livekit/generate
    however I am not sure how to continue from here I was wondering if any of you have any experience with akash or maybe have some reccomendations on how to proceed from here. Both me and my teammate are complete begginers when it comes to dev-ops, docker etc. so any help and guidance would be appreciated
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    11/30/2022, 12:57 PM
    I should also mention so far I am using the command
    docker run --rm -p 7880:7880 \
        -p 7881:7881 \
        -p 7882:7882/udp \
        -v $PWD/livekit.yaml:/livekit.yaml \
        livekit/livekit-server \
        --config /livekit.yaml \
    to run but due to my inexperience I am not sure that what I am getting is correct
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    11/30/2022, 12:58 PM
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    11/30/2022, 1:58 PM
    Hey LK Team, Any specific reason we have this check that if size is less than 960 then only f and q layers are published, middle layer never gets published
    const size = Math.max(width, height);
        if (size >= 960 && midPreset) {
          return encodingsFromPresets(width, height, [lowPreset, midPreset, original]);
        if (size >= 480) {
          return encodingsFromPresets(width, height, [lowPreset, original]);
      return encodingsFromPresets(width, height, [original]);
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    11/30/2022, 5:07 PM
    Hi all. I'm trying to unit test my lambda (typescript, using livekit server sdk) which will receive livekit webhooks. I've copied an example webhook payload from my running instance, but using 'dummy' credentials within my tests. What is the reason I would receive
    Error: sha256 checksum of body does not match
    ? The JWT I have generated is using the same api key/secret supplied to the
    . My tests are currently failing due to this issue
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    12/01/2022, 1:44 AM
    In our client SDK, do we support rendering video elements by GPU so that we can consume less CPU?
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    12/01/2022, 2:25 AM
    Dear All, I tried to extract video by egress. I used livekit-cli to request as below:[xxxxx]# cat livekit_client_request.json { "room_name": "test-room1", "audio_track_id": "TR_AM5XzRWTfoHUSb", "video_track_id": "TR_VCqNLvTaUTZQwK", "stream": { "urls": [ "rtmp://xx.xx.xx.xx:1935/live/test" ] } } [xxxx]# [xxxx]# livekit-cli start-track-composite-egress --request livekit_client_request.json Using default project livekit EgressID: EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY Status: EGRESS_STARTING [xxxx]# And the log on egress: {"level":"debug","ts":1669860806.5293748,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/service.go:168","msg":"request received","nodeID":"NE_UEZKcdPiGRnU","egressID":"EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY","requestID":"RPC_8aDWcHhcsoYr","senderID":"ND_7cvWIe9l"} {"level":"debug","ts":1669860806.5294964,"logger":"egress","caller":"stats/monitor.go:161","msg":"cpu request","nodeID":"NE_UEZKcdPiGRnU","accepted":true,"availableCPUs":11.968938435493229,"numCPUs":12} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.5309436,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/service.go:211","msg":"request accepted","nodeID":"NE_UEZKcdPiGRnU","egressID":"EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY","requestID":"RPC_8aDWcHhcsoYr","senderID":"ND_7cvWIe9l"} {"level":"debug","ts":1669860806.5497332,"logger":"egress","caller":"server/main.go:120","msg":"handler launched","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.5497925,"logger":"egress","caller":"server/main.go:124","msg":"setting TMPDIR environment and creating path","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ","path":"/tmp/lkegress/EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.5499234,"logger":"egress","caller":"redis/redis.go:63","msg":"connecting to redis","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ","simple":true,"addr":""} {"level":"debug","ts":1669860806.5524116,"logger":"egress","caller":"sdk/source.go:143","msg":"connecting to room","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ","egressID":"EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.5710979,"logger":"egress","caller":"server-sdk-go@v1.0.5/signalclient.go:238","msg":"received offer for subscriber","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.5895443,"logger":"egress","caller":"v3@v3.1.47/peerconnection.go:478","msg":"ICE connected","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860806.7441306,"logger":"egress","caller":"server-sdk-go@v1.0.5/signalclient.go:238","msg":"received offer for subscriber","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ"} {"level":"info","ts":1669860807.194442,"logger":"egress","caller":"server-sdk-go@v1.0.5/room.go:265","msg":"track subscribed","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ","participant":"ha.nh","track":{},"kind":{}} {"level":"debug","ts":1669860807.1946013,"logger":"egress","caller":"sdk/source.go:37","msg":"track subscribed","nodeID":"NE_wZAAWdzjMVEJ","egressID":"EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY","trackID":"TR_VCqNLvTaUTZQwK","mime":"video/VP8"} And I use livekit-cli list-egress: the status is EGRESS_STARTING. But I did not see the output rtmp. Please advise this? EG_K5CgzKYfr8RY | EGRESS_STARTING One more question: How egress communicate with RTMP server? I deployed livekit server & livekit egress on GKE, but I did not find service of egress on kubernet, just service of livekit server? Thank you.
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    12/01/2022, 5:32 AM
    Hello~ Do you know why room is deleted automatically after 510 mins? • Livekit 1.2.1 with reids in local standalone • Video call room created “stark-tower” in sample web • 1 participant joined (Camera On, Mic On) • and nothing to do in web for a while 510 minutes • Sample web is maintained video room. • When I quary about rooms using server-sdk-go from livekit, there is no rooms. after created a video room> keys * 1) “participant_rtc😒tark-tower|PA_aHJBXMr1ppu6" 2) “participant_signal:CO_rk6DKaXxJ4iA” 3) “backup1" 4) “participant_signal:CO_gX7HbRfP9e8a” 5) “participant_rtc😒tark-tower|PA_aHJBXMr7fxxt” 6) “backup3” 7) “room_node_map” 8) “backup4” 9) “room_participants😒tark-tower” 10) “nodes” 11) “rooms” 12) “backup2” after 5~10 min later> keys *1) “backup3" 2) “backup4” 3) “nodes” 4) “backup1” 5) “backup2" Help me. I dont know why room is deleted automatically after 5~10 minutes later.
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    12/01/2022, 7:30 AM
    Hello How to do room in live kit if room admin is give access than the normal user can enable that camara, video and screen sharing?
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    12/01/2022, 8:33 AM
    hey everyone, can anyone guide me please about the limit of numbers of room formation in a single session? and how many max participant could be added in a room??
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    12/01/2022, 9:00 AM
    Does anyone know how to configure Nginx on localhost so that my livekit server can be accessed via wss😕/ ??
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    12/01/2022, 9:09 AM
    Hey everyone👋 I am trying to Stops an active egress. (to recoding ). But it's not working and return 500 server error.
    Error: Request failed with status code 500
    at createError (D:\Works\BigZkoop*****\main\node_modules\axios\lib\core\createError.js:16:15)
    at settle (D:\Works\BigZkoop*****\main\node_modules\axios\lib\core\settle.js:17:12)
    at IncomingMessage.handleStreamEnd (D:\Works\BigZkoop*****\main\node_modules\axios\lib\adapters\http.js:269:11)
    at IncomingMessage.emit (node:events:525:35)
    at endReadableNT (node:internal/streams/readable:1358:12)
    at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:83:21) {
    config: {
    url: '/twirp/livekit.Egress/StartRoomCompositeEgress',
    method: 'post',
    data: '{"roomName":"RecodeTest-rj9k2-7o0bo-b2t65","layout":"","audioOnly":false,"videoOnly":false,"customBaseUrl":"","file":{"fileType":"MP4","filepath":"*/room-composite-test.mp4","s3":{"accessKey":"*","secret":"*","region":"*","endpoint":"*","bucket":"*","metadata":{}}}}',
    headers: {
    Accept: 'application/json, text/plain, */*',
    'Content-Type': 'application/json',
    Authorization: 'Bearer *',
    'User-Agent': 'axios/0.21.4',
    'Content-Length': 382
    baseURL: 'wss://****',
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    12/01/2022, 10:04 AM
    Hello everyone, I hope you are good! I have a problem with the cloud version and Egress. I explain: I start my record with
    method in my API, i don't have any error appearing and i see - in my cloud Dashboard Egress - that the record started. But i never receive the file on my Scaleway bucket 😞 Can you help me please?
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    12/01/2022, 4:46 PM
    I'm hitting an issue trying to record the video/audio from the load-test command. Is it possible egress doesnt support recording opus?
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    12/01/2022, 4:57 PM
    Hello guys! I can’t figure out how is
    setting supposed to be used. We can have
    in the config file, but it looks like we can set it on individual rooms when creating them from the server side When I create a room from the server side with say
    max_participants: 2
    and generate tokens for different participants for that room, at least three participants are able to join the room (haven’t tested with more users). I would expect that LK server would throw some kind of error when third participant tries to join. Response from the
    request looks as expected,
    max_participants: 2
    is there. Am I missing something?
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    12/02/2022, 1:04 AM
    Hello everyone! I'm using Livekit's dndroid demo app, but I'm getting the following error. It looks like the dndroid client doesn't support Android 4.4?
    anifest merger failed : uses-sdk:minSdkVersion 19 cannot be smaller than version 21 declared in library [io.livekit:livekit-android:1.1.4] C:\Users\wagzh\.gradle\caches\transforms-3\f49082239c45b94c5751726f7918d03e\transformed\livekit-android-1.1.4\AndroidManifest.xml as the library might be using APIs not available in 19
      Suggestion: use a compatible library with a minSdk of at most 19,
        or increase this project's minSdk version to at least 21,
        or use tools:overrideLibrary="" to force usage (may lead to runtime failures)
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    12/02/2022, 1:55 AM
    Hello everybody, I'm really new in using Livekit, and I got stuck with a problem, it will be great if anyone can help with it. Thanks a lot. 🙏 Livekit server version: Window 1.3.1 Problem: How to use Ian public IP address instead of localhost for connecting my self-hosted Livekit server? Description: I start the server with
    livekit-server --dev
    as mentioned, and I can create/ join room with the running server properly by connection ws://localhost:7800. However, if I slightly change the localhost to my own IP address, like ws://, it will have a connection refuse problem. Besides of the Livekit server, I setup another nodeJS server to generate the access token from the server SDK. The nodeJS server can run properly, and user can call RESTful API via http://localhost:3000/api/getAccessToken or
    String url =  <ws://>;
    String accessToken = getGeneratedTokenFromSDK(); // get the access token from the NodeJS server
    Room m_Room = new Room();
    var c = m_Room.Connect(url, accessToken); // <--- Problem occur at this line
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    12/02/2022, 2:19 AM
    👋 Hello, support team! I have a question. Current Unity SDK for livekit is supporting android, ios and other platforms beside webgl?
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    12/02/2022, 8:01 AM
    Hello everybody. I'm trying to list egress clients from the go sdk:
    egressClient := lksdk.NewEgressClient(
    resp, err := egressClient.ListEgress(context.Background(), &livekit.ListEgressRequest{
    	RoomName: roomName,
    And it fails with error:
    twirp error internal: failed to do request: Post "": x509: certificate signed by unknown authority
    I use
    and these are SDK and protocol versions: v1.2.3 v1.0.5
    It seems like some incompatability between server and sdk, but I can't figure out how can I fix this
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    12/02/2022, 9:06 AM
    Hi Everybody. I have one question for subscribe/unsubscribe. Is this impossible to get mute/unmute event from unsubscribed user?
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    12/02/2022, 11:49 AM
    Hi everyone I have a question about a deployment issues I am deploying with akash but in my logs it displays the message
    web: [Warning] [BackOff] [Pod] Back-off restarting failed container and web: one of key-file or keys must be provided in order to support a secure installation
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    12/02/2022, 11:50 AM
    I was wondering if anyone ever encountered a similar message and if they know what could be an issue
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    12/02/2022, 12:23 PM
    Could the error be that I have to specify API key and secret key? I went through the docs on how to self host but I couldnt find any mention of this. Any help would be appreciated I am a begginer in dev-ops
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    12/02/2022, 2:57 PM
    Hi everybody, integration using the JS-SDK works like a charm. Thank you for the great work. 👍 I am wondering whether self-hosting would be a good option to begin with especially due to privacy and cost reasons. Do you have any recommendations or comparisions that list the impacting factors that help me with my decisions?
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    12/02/2022, 9:16 PM
    Quick q on dynacast: If only one person is in the room and publishing tracks with no subscribers, that means with simulcast, none of the layers will be published (aka no outgoing data) until someone subscribes? Or one layer will always be published regardless
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    12/04/2022, 12:02 PM
    Hello~ I’m testing the Stream to RTMP of Egress RoomCompisteEgress, but I got the error below and it’s not working as I want.
    022-12-04T11:43:19.911676720Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154199.9114347,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/service.go:165","msg":"request received","nodeID":"NE_snFcQQ7z6UBJ","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","requestID":"RPC_rT7qxUuqHfmq","senderID":"ND_OpXueewx"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.911764764Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154199.9115198,"logger":"egress","caller":"stats/monitor.go:168","msg":"cpu request","nodeID":"NE_snFcQQ7z6UBJ","accepted":true,"availableCPUs":7.969658659924146,"numCPUs":8}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.912744073Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154199.9125395,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/service.go:207","msg":"request accepted","nodeID":"NE_snFcQQ7z6UBJ","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","requestID":"RPC_rT7qxUuqHfmq","senderID":"ND_OpXueewx"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.930906764Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154199.930676,"logger":"egress","caller":"server/main.go:121","msg":"handler launched","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.930951720Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154199.9307487,"logger":"egress","caller":"server/main.go:125","msg":"setting TMPDIR environment and creating path","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","path":"/tmp/lkegress/EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.931031676Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154199.9308834,"logger":"egress","caller":"redis/redis.go:53","msg":"connecting to redis","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","sentinel":false,"addr":"redis-server-url:6382"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.938597127Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154199.9382796,"logger":"egress","caller":"source/web.go:117","msg":"launching xvfb","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","display":":896515903","dims":"1920x1080x24"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:19.938826247Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154199.9386806,"logger":"egress","caller":"source/web.go:131","msg":"launching chrome","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","url":"<>"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.087524322Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.0873473,"logger":"egress","caller":"source/web.go:215","msg":"chrome log: START_RECORDING","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.113085353Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1125126,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from queue_dChdzVCfpWiL: A new thread needs to be created","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.113137719Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1127405,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from flvmux0: A new thread needs to be created","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.113787600Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1134,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from queue_dChdzVCfpWiL: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.113860194Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.113544,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src_0] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from multiqueue0: A new thread needs to be created","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.114331116Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1140976,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from queue0: A new thread needs to be created","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.114389245Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1141632,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src_0] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from multiqueue0: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.114405582Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.114246,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from flvmux0: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.114514410Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1144013,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from queue0: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.115237643Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1144764,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from pulsesrc0: A new thread needs to be created","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.115270085Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1149597,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[src] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from pulsesrc0: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.115280604Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.114989,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[pipeline] NEW-CLOCK - Got a new clock","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.115623796Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.115101,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[audiosrcringbuffer0] STREAM-STATUS - Stream status from pulsesrc0: A thread has entered its loop function","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:21.115798969Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154201.1156852,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[pulsesrc0] LATENCY - Element's latency has changed","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.020721034Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154202.0205038,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[pipeline] STREAM-START - Pipeline stream is starting","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.020851514Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154202.0206692,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[pipeline] ASYNC-DONE - Async task completed","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.020923500Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154202.0207205,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:348","msg":"[sink_dChdzVCfpWiL] LATENCY - Element's latency has changed","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.021343087Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154202.0211108,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/handler.go:129","msg":"egress updated","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","status":"EGRESS_ACTIVE"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.023409988Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154202.023055,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:416","msg":"removing stream sink","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","url":"<rtmp://my-media-server-url/live/test>","status":"FAILED","duration":1943897}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.025401723Z {"level":"debug","ts":1670154202.0252578,"logger":"egress","caller":"pipeline/pipeline.go:579","msg":"pipeline stopped","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.055898323Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154202.0556774,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/handler.go:125","msg":"egress failed","nodeID":"NE_X7fs24f6garc","egressID":"EG_agFYHb93Bw7W","error":"Connection error"}
    2022-12-04T11:43:22.062125097Z {"level":"info","ts":1670154202.0619187,"logger":"egress","caller":"service/service.go:265","msg":"deleting handler temporary directory","nodeID":"NE_snFcQQ7z6UBJ","path":"/tmp/lkegress/EG_agFYHb93Bw7W"}
    The my media streaming server is built and working normally. The code I wrote is below.
    request := &livekit.RoomCompositeEgressRequest{
    		RoomName:  roomName,
    		Layout:    "grid",
    		AudioOnly: true,
    		Output: &livekit.RoomCompositeEgressRequest_Stream{
    			Stream: &livekit.StreamOutput{
    				Protocol: livekit.StreamProtocol_RTMP,
    				Urls:     []string{"<rtmp://my-media-server-url/live/test>"},
    	info, err := egressClient.StartRoomCompositeEgress(ctx, request)
    please help me
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    12/04/2022, 3:45 PM
    👋 Hello, team! I have a VM with a pre-existing Docker installed. The
    states that I run the risk of losing my teeth or something of that order if I go forward. So I comment out the Docker lines of the script and run it again; which returns this error:
    Job for livekit-docker.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
    See "systemctl status livekit-docker.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
    Which I follow with
    sudo systemctl status livekit-docker.service
    ● livekit-docker.service - LiveKit Server Container
       Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/livekit-docker.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
       Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since Sun 2022-12-04 14:57:53 CET; 1h 45min ago
      Process: 21908 ExecStartPre=/usr/local/bin/docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml down (code=exited, status=203/EXEC)
    Any idea what it done wrong?