Hey <@UABCKNV3K>. About using `ResolvedArtifactRes...
# configuration-cache
Hey @Paul Merlin. About using
as task input (https://github.com/gradle/gradle/pull/19119). Is there an issue to track the progress and get notified once this is available? (I couldn’t find one linked from the PR.) I am writing a task now that needs
(or something similar). Can/should I declare the input of my task like this already?
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@InputFiles abstract SetProperty<ResolvedArtifactResult> getResolvedArtifacts()
I guess I could set that using
provider { configurations.runtimeClasspath....  }
. But I probably loose the the dependencies then. 🤔 Or should I just use the
as input directly for now?
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@InputFiles abstract Provider<Configuration> getResolvedArtifacts()
Does that work (without configuration cache)?
Actually I need
because I want to look at the dependencies.
AFAIK this will be possible with 7.4: https://github.com/gradle/gradle/pull/19639 Also you might want to check this demo project how to use it in configuration cache compatible way: https://github.com/adammurdoch/dependency-graph-as-task-inputs
Ok thanks that’s great new. I only found the ‘revert’ and some comments that it is not yet ready. Guess I looked in the wrong places. I’ll try it out tomorrow and report.
Seems to work. 👍 We don’t have configuration cache enabled yet in that project, so I didn’t test it yet with config cache on.
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