Hi, I hunt a bug in our build system which deletes...
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Hi, I hunt a bug in our build system which deletes a .so file. I drilled it down to this stack trace:
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unlink0:-1, UnixNativeDispatcher (sun.nio.fs)
unlink:132, UnixNativeDispatcher (sun.nio.fs)
implDelete:235, UnixFileSystemProvider (sun.nio.fs)
deleteIfExists:110, AbstractFileSystemProvider (sun.nio.fs)
deleteIfExists:1191, Files (java.nio.file)
hardLinkOrCopy:457, CxxRegularBuilderKt (com.android.build.gradle.internal.cxx.build)
build:209, CxxRegularBuilder (com.android.build.gradle.internal.cxx.build)
Where do I find the CxxRegularBuilderKt / CxxRegularBuilder classes? I feel a bit stupid, but searching the gradle code, full github or Google does not give me any hint... I assume this is from a plugin, but where do I find the source to it? 🤔
Thanks a ton! Did you know where to look, or how did you find it? 🤔
the package name clearly points to the Android Gradle Plugin, and that's where AGP lives
Ah. Will bookmark it for the future! Thanks a lot!
actually finding the AGP source code in the first place seems to be… not exactly Google-able, ironically
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I think it's indexed by https://cs.android.com though
Oh, that looks helpful! Thanks again!
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