What could cause this sort of spike to occur? Is t...
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What could cause this sort of spike to occur? Is this a sign the daemon wasn’t “warm” enough (there were 6 warm-ups for each scenario in this case)
By the way, this was running inside a container on a CI machine dedicated to this benchmark at that point in time. The container image was derived from the official Gradle image and no processes are started other than
Garbage collection would be my assumption. Did you capture GC times?
Could also be thermal throttling.
You can capture GC times by passing
on the command-line
Sorry I missed this. I didn’t look at GC, great point! Thank you all @no I hope that’s improbable on AWS machines, but that’s a good point for local benchmarks. I hadn’t realized that could be a factor
Even AWS machines can thermally throttle. We've experienced this at Gradle when running benchmarks. Even when the vendor claimed that thermal throttling was disabled.
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