Hi folks. Is there guaranteed format for library/p...
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Hi folks. Is there guaranteed format for library/plugin/version aliases in catalogs type-unsafe api? I know that `findLibrary`/`findPlugin`/`findVersion` methods do alias normalization but I can't find anything specifying that
would be canonical separator in aliases from
etc. Is it defined somewhere or it's just implementation defined?
This is defined at https://docs.gradle.org/current/userguide/platforms.html#sub:mapping-aliases-to-accessors, it would be nice to have in the Javadocs as well though. Feel free to submit a PR adding it to all of the getters.
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Thanks, I'll create a PR to add it to javadoc, quite useful info
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That's indeed useful to have in the javadocs, sorry about not doing this in the 1st place!
Easy to miss and easy to correct. No harm done ,)