I noticed that recommendations for publishing to C...
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I noticed that recommendations for publishing to Central at https://central.sonatype.org/publish/publish-gradle are way outdated. Please be patient, as they start with
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apply plugin: 'maven'
apply plugin: 'signing'
🙀 I believe we should do something with that. Of course, there are multiple ways to publish to Central, however, it is sad that Gradle documentation has no sample for that, and the guide at sonatype.org is outdated 🤷‍♂️ What do you think if the samples are rewritten into
and https://github.com/gradle-nexus/publish-plugin ? This looks reasonable for a simple “how to publish to Central”: https://github.com/gradle-nexus/nexus-publish-e2e-minimal/blob/4262dc094533721d12c7adee5eacc8573ae9581f/build.gradle#L51-L108 /cc @Marc Philipp
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Thanks for bringing this up! IIRC we’ve tried to get in touch with Sonatype on getting these updated in the past. @Louis Jacomet Were you involved and, if so, do you remember any details?
I ran into that page when discussing Central vs Sigstore on sigstore slack
Hello, This should definitely be updated indeed. I was not involved in prior attempts to get this updated. @Brian Fox How would we got about updating that?
@Louis Jacomet nudging me is a good start. Let me see the right way to connect the dots
@Joel Orlina this is the thread ^^
Thanks Brian! @Louis Jacomet the Github repo we use to manage those docs is private, but I’m happy to be the bridge to get any comments or updates you’d like us to make into our docs. We do have a staging server that IS public where I can point you to any WIP updates.
I’m comfortable receiving your requests for changes via Slack, but we also have this public issue: OSSRH-67884
Hi Brian and Joel, Thank you for the follow up. Let me find someone on our side to share an updated and recommended setup.
Working through the issue sounds good
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