Hello, I see that top-upvoted issues on this repo ...
# plugin-development
Hello, I see that top-upvoted issues on this repo are ignored by Gradle staff. Can we have a statement instead of zero signal? https://github.com/gradle/plugin-portal-requests/issues?q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen+sort%3Areactions-%2B1-desc
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Hello @LouisCAD, This is indeed a needed feature and has come up internally often. I will check in on the status to give you a better update,
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I have gotten up to speed in the problem. It is a hard issue because there are so many different ways that the plugins are downloaded and used. The metrics to show haven't been decided and more core features are being worked. This is an important feature but no one has picked it up with the passion it needs. That being said if you know someone that wants to tackle the project Gradle is actively higher, one of the new hires can change the bandwidth we have for such features. I do want the portal to have this, so I made a reminder to bug people every month so at least it will stay at the top of their minds.