• Claudio Roberto França Pereira

    Claudio Roberto França Pereira

    05/12/2022, 1:59 PM
    Hello, I'm hiring for my team at Adyen. We are looking for talented professionals to improve our build setup and improve tooling in general for our developers. At the Development Tools team we do just that: focus on providing hundreds of developers with tooling and services to work efficiently in a dynamic and growing environment. While we know this is not an easy task, it is very satisfying to see the results of your work in action! More specifically, the Development Tools team enables the development workflows, manages the build systems, testing frameworks, and code quality tools, empowers collaboration through an integrated team environment, and other developer tools. Some examples of the projects that are driven by our team are the optimization of our build system, migration to merge requests, automation of merging new code, developing the Development CLI, ensuring consistency of our unit and integration tests. Read more and apply:
  • Manuel Nakamurakare

    Manuel Nakamurakare

    07/01/2022, 4:44 AM
    Pinterest is hiring! I’m excited to share that my team @ Pinterest is looking for an Android Build Engineer to join us. Why join Pinterest?📌Help us build the world’s first visual discovery engine📌Amazing benefits to keep our teams healthy and inspired📌PinFlex, our unique work model, promotes flexibility while prioritizing in-person moments📌Knit Con is our two day internal event that brings Pinterest to life Ready to join the team? Feel free to ping me directly