• Simon Dean

    Simon Dean

    07/05/2022, 6:43 AM
    Hi. Just wanted to announce a new community Gradle Plugin: When added to a Gradle codebase, it generates
    files that detail all of a projects dependencies. The
    files can be useful for things like:1. reviewing dependency changes on a pull request, 2. diagnosing JAR hell issues and 3. for tooling to automatically find a codebase's dependencies. See for an example file and for more info.
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    07/06/2022, 11:40 AM
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    07/09/2022, 8:44 AM
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    Bruno Essmann

    07/11/2022, 7:31 AM
    Hello everyone! I hope this is the right place to announce a new, extremely simple plugin that could be useful to you. It happened to me more than once that a new Jenkins build node would not have the correct Java version installed, or a new team member would check out a project and try to build it using an older Java version. Sometimes the error message observed is obvious, sometimes it would be a “hidden” unsupported class file version buried somewhere in the build output. The
    Gradle plugin is a very simply settings plugin that ensures that the Java version used to execute your Gradle build is in a certain range, e.g. >= 17. If the version does not match the build is aborted with a big friendly message in the following form:
    )))      *****************************        )))       
            (((      *     INVALID JAVA VERSION    *      (((        
          +-----+    *  BUILD REQUIRES JAVA >= 17  *    +-----+      
         [|     |    *     ACTIVE VERSION IS 8     *    |     |]     
          `-----'     *****************************     `-----'      
    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
    * What went wrong:
    Build requires Java 17, active version is 8
    I hope this plugin will be of use to you and maybe even save you a couple of minutes tracking build failures in the future. The plugin is under MIT license and its code is available at
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    07/11/2022, 3:09 PM
    New Understanding Gradle video: #18 Configuring Testing

  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    07/20/2022, 7:07 AM
    New Understanding Gradle video: #19 The Test Task

  • Maxim Wheatley

    Maxim Wheatley

    08/01/2022, 7:43 PM
    Hey friends! This Thursday I'll be interviewing an open-source legend (and a friend and mentor of mine) the creator of Homebrew! I'd love to extend an invite to all of you and anybody else interested in the past, present, and future of open source:
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    08/08/2022, 7:20 AM
    New Understanding Gradle video: #20 Test Fixtures

  • b


    08/15/2022, 11:24 AM
    Hey friends, I’m thrilled to announce that @Jendrik Johannes and I just founded a new organization called GradleX. It’s similar to javax and AndroidX in the sense that it provides high quality extensions for the Gradle build tool. Our first plugin - the Build Parameters Gradle plugin - is already available via the plugin portal. Follow us on Twitter if you like for more project updates.
  • Maxim Wheatley

    Maxim Wheatley

    08/18/2022, 2:13 AM
    WTF DOES AN OPEN SOURCE FOUNDATION DO?! Tomorrow I'm interviewing one of the board members of the Apache Software Foundation to discuss exactly that. You'll learn about what these foundations do, how they work, how developers and founders can best engage with them, and so much more. Hope to see you there Gradle Friends, this will be a good one! 🙂
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    08/22/2022, 3:02 PM
    New Understanding Gradle video: #21 Test and Code Coverage Reporting

  • Ayse Altinsoy

    Ayse Altinsoy

    08/29/2022, 8:27 AM
    Hello everyone, - We are excited to announce our first Developer Productivity Engineering Summit! The event will take place in San Francisco on November 2-3, 2022. In this two-day summit we’ll focus exclusively on Developer Productivity Engineering, featuring speakers from Airbnb, DoorDash, Google, Gradle, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Netflix, Slack, Square, and Uber. Check out the event details at the DPE Summit website <<
    . Use the code
    gc-slack-100 to receive a $100 discount off the registration price. See you there!
  • l

    li jianxin

    08/30/2022, 2:27 AM
    Hello everyone. Understanding Gradle videos made by @Jendrik Johannes are useful for new beginner. So I am going to translate these videos into Chinese and put them on Bilibili, here are two videos:1. The Settings File:;vd_source=c59ed3775ab99dca21a64247a2b2a255 2. The Build File:
  • Ayse Altinsoy

    Ayse Altinsoy

    08/31/2022, 12:55 PM
    Hello everyone, - just another DPE Summit related announcement it is 🙂 We opened a new channel for updating the community about our event. Go check the #dpe-summit channel --> <
  • Daz DeBoer

    Daz DeBoer

    09/14/2022, 3:00 PM
    If you're using GitHub Actions for your Gradle builds (and not yet using
    ) you may want to take a look at this short blog post: A Better Way to Use Gradle With Github Actions
  • Amanda


    09/15/2022, 11:38 AM
    We are working on the September Gradle Build Tool newsletter, please let me know if you know of interesting news worth covering!
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    09/19/2022, 2:36 PM
    There are two new Understanding Gradle videos (since I posted here last time): The JavaCompile Task (How does Gradle select and call the Java compiler and what are the different options?) -;list=PLWQK2ZdV4Yl2k2OmC_gsjDpdIBTN0qqkE

    Caching (What are the caching mechanisms Gradle uses? Where, and why, to configure them?) -;list=PLWQK2ZdV4Yl2k2OmC_gsjDpdIBTN0qqkE

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    10/03/2022, 4:08 PM
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  • Łukasz Wasylkowski

    Łukasz Wasylkowski

    10/11/2022, 11:29 AM
    👌 looks very nice 🙂 I think someone asked you somewhere already, have you thought about measuring memory usage of processes spawned by Gradle? I tried a PoC a while back and it should be possible to modify jvmargs of each
    task to attach an agent that would measure that process available memory and memory usage
  • Amanda


    10/11/2022, 2:45 PM
    We are working on the October Gradle Build Tool newsletter, please let me know if you know of interesting news worth covering!
  • j

    Jakub Chrzanowski

    10/28/2022, 9:10 PM
    Hi, folks! I have just published the Gradle Changelog Plugin v2.0.0 This is a plugin providing tasks and helper methods to simplify working with a changelog that is managed in the keep a changelog style. If you maintain th If you maintain the project changelog in Markdown file, this is something that may be useful for you. 🙂 Release note:
  • Amanda


    10/29/2022, 1:13 AM
    We have published a brand new training for Gradle Build Tool! This is designed for JVM-based developers that have used Gradle and are looking for best practices and some deeper understanding. Some highlights are testing suites and toolchains. Free to all, build your JVM tooling knowledge base! Nov 17th
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    11/17/2022, 1:45 PM
    Released 1.0 of the java-ecosystem-capabilities plugin in the namespace. It enhances metadata of widely used components (javax*, Guava, asm, ...) to detect conflicts and avoid duplications on the classpath. I initially released an experimental version of this plugin some months ago. Thanks for all the feedback from the community (@Thomas Broyer, @Vladimir Sitnikov, @Vampire and everyone else) which motivated me to put more work into it. Thanks @benedikt for helping/convincing me to call this 1.0 and maybe drive this further. I always said someone should do something like this and now... well we have something 🙂. I am happy about more feedback/contributions/ideas. The idea (at least my idea) was to have some place where we - the Gradle community - collect the metadata about OOS components that should be on Maven Central (but isn't - since most projects publish with Maven ans have not Gradle Metadata) to all have a bit less of a dependency hell in all our projects.
  • Jendrik Johannes

    Jendrik Johannes

    11/21/2022, 11:04 AM
    When it comes to modularization, Gradle builds on top of what Java supports and provides. I often see confusion about where the functionality of Java tools (
    ) end and where Gradle starts. That's why I'll do a couple of videos to explore this step-by-step. Here is the first one, in which I talk about Java's Classpath concept:;list=PLWQK2ZdV4Yl2k2OmC_gsjDpdIBTN0qqkE

  • l

    Li Jimmy

    11/24/2022, 1:44 AM
    Hi, everyone. I am a new member 👀
  • k

    Karl Heinz Marbaise

    11/24/2022, 6:01 PM
    Hi to all,.... Kind regards to all of you.
  • m


    11/30/2022, 9:22 AM
    Inspired by, I asked the AI to generate a poem about the differences between Maven and Gradle:
    Maven and Gradle are two build tools,
    That find the dependencies to use,
    Maven is a powerhouse,
    While Gradle is less obtuse,
    Maven's strength is in its conventions,
    It's a standard tool to choose,
    Gradle's scripts are more flexible,
    And more freedom they will let you use,
    Maven is an XML based system,
    That can be a bit verbose,
    Gradle uses Groovy,
    Which is more concise,
    Maven is good for Java,
    But Gradle is much more,
    It can do many languages,
    And you can adjust the build score,
    Maven is traditional and tried,
    But Gradle is much more modern,
    Maven is a bit more rigid,
    But Gradle is more often chosen.
  • m


    12/02/2022, 11:43 AM
    It is, I think, unfortunate that in a tweet about Gradle 8, the snippet used as an illustration has a couple of issues: