05/25/2023, 7:59 PM
This is just me thinking out loud. Feel free to ignore this. I was watching a Howard Stern clip on YouTube and he was interviewing Jerry Seinfeld and Howard says the episode where you guys all made the bet to see who could hold out the longest without masturbating, how did you get that past the regulators and Jerry said, we never used the word masturbation. So on Reddit, you’re not allowed to shill in the cryptocurrency thread but I still think there are plenty of opportunities where knowledgeable people can spell it out by saying characteristics of Ergo that are needed in the ecosystem and where the strengths lie technically that can be a boon for the space while exploiting what isn’t working in the market’s current condition. Maybe it will get people thinking, where can we find and support a project that can do all those things and it’s true that the space has all these issues that haven’t been solved & when they do their own research, they’ll discover Ergo.