05/25/2023, 6:32 PM
Forwarded from ErgoBridgeBot: 🌉 Rosen bridge: 🧐 @rosen-bridge/watcher Worked more on adding Rollup to the project. The task is almost done and waiting for code review, meaning that we can publish executable binaries for all three platforms (mac, windows and linux) soon. During the addition of Rollup, we needed to write a plugin for resolving sigma-rust wasm files, because the official rollup wasm plugin doesn't support node-targetted wasm files. The plugin is published and ready to use publicly: ⛓️ @rosen-chains/cardano-koios-network Finished testing and published: 🚀 @rosen-clients/* There was an issue with Json parser causing error when there was 'constructor' key in Json. Solved it with adding an option to parser to ignore these. Updated in all clients and all @rosen-chains networks. ⛓️ @rosen-chains/ergo Added some transaction verification conditions which were missed in refactor. 🛡️ @rosen-bridge/ts-guard-service Setup for refactored version of EventProcessor is done and is in testing phase. During tests, there was an error caused by 'cip14' package which was used in @rosen-chains/cardano. It's a little weird since there is no error in unit-tests and is working smoothly there. Working on a solution... 🟣 Misc: Started some new R&D for adding EVM based chains to Rosen Bridge.