Hi What's the best way to enable SSL for datahub f...
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Hi What's the best way to enable SSL for datahub frontend? I don't see any configuration for adding certificates in helm chart and also there isn't an option to add side car containers in values.yaml of datahub frontend helm chart. (I wanted to run nginx as side car to enable ssl)
hey there! i think this guide might be of some use to you https://datahubproject.io/docs/how/auth/sso/configure-oidc-react-okta/
the first was more specific to okta
That documentation is related to the authentication using OIDC into datahub frontend. Actually that's not my question. I wanted to run datahub frontend on https. So How can I enable that?
I guess thats one way to do it or deploy your service on NodePort and expose it via other means like NGNIX/reverse-proxy with your own certs maybe
@dazzling-judge-80093 @big-carpet-38439 @bulky-soccer-26729 Any help on this case ?
Hello @faint-translator-23365 Apologies for not reaching out earlier. We have not tried to use DataHub with SSL at a pod level for pod to pod communication. We certainly welcome contributions in that field and I’m happy to support you in that effort.