Hi all! I found there is some trouble about `/rela...
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Hi all! I found there is some trouble about
API. The official demo is
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curl --location --request GET --header 'X-RestLi-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0' '<http://localhost:8080/relationships?direction=OUTGOING&urn=urn%3Ali%3Achart%3Acustomers&types=List(OwnedBy)>'
But if the value of urn contains "(", it will throw error "`org.neo4j.driver.exceptions.ClientException:Invalid input '('`". And the urn of dataset and dataJob both contain '(' and ')'. Is this an issue?
hey Wulianghui! so you get that error abvoe when running that curl request we have in our docs? when I run it I get no issue. I don't believe the urn in the example actually contains "(" or ")" that's in an additional query param for
This is concerning. @bulky-soccer-26729 we can try to reproduce this by deploying datahub with Neo4j and then ensure that making this query works. I also have not seen this issue before, however.
@bulky-soccer-26729. The request in the docs is ok, because there is no '(' in the value of urn. But the parameter of my urn is a dataset, and it led to the trouble above!
It seems like '(' is not allowed as a node in the query language of neo4j.
oh i'm sorry I misunderstood! yeah that's definitely an issue and something I'll look into
Please provide the full CURL you are executing so we can test!
curl --location --request GET --header 'X-RestLi-Protocol-Version: 2.0.0' '<>'
In this query, I want to query the dataset which the dataJob consumes!