Hello everybody, I struggle with trying to retriev...
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Hello everybody, I struggle with trying to retrieve particular information from Datahub GraphQL - I want to get list of platform instances given a particular platform - is it something possible and I am missing something? Also is it possible to filter list of datasets by their platform instance? If both is impossible - would it be a feature which would be merged if implemented - even if it required changes to ES/neo4j indexes?
hey Piotr! right now we don't explicitly support getting a list of platform instances given a platform, however you can accomplish this in a roundabout way in the UI. if you do a
search and then filter by a platform on the left, you should see all Platform Instance options also as a filter
then you can also filter by platform instance in the same way to get all the datasets you want!
hmm I don't see filtering by platform instance in datahub demo
is it simply because there is no instance indicated there?
or maybe it is slightly older than master? which version introduced this feature? for sure I don't see it on my own 0.8.33 deployment
hmm I see it on local deployment from master, thank you @bulky-soccer-26729
ah yeah you need to make sure you're setting the
and the
on a
aspect for a dataset. if there's no urn set for
then there is no
which is what we will show in the filters and next to the platform of an entity
yeah that one I know, but api used in newest version of datahub simply doesn't exist in 0.8.33, no problem, I will upgrade my version