# ingestion


06/13/2022, 10:25 AM
@millions-waiter-49836 hello. Currently, i am using glue profiling (Thankyou for your contribution) Today, i add statistics to my glue table through update-column-statistics-for-table ( I checked statistics through get-column-statistics-for-table (, and i ingest glue table but nothing showing up in Stats tab I saw your code In your code, you read statistics through get_table( and get_partitions( When I called the get_table api via boto3, there were no Parameters field in the Table field, and get_partitions too Why didn't you use get_column_statistics_for_partition( and get_column_statistics_for_table( Is what I checked wrong? let me know if there is a right way I'll attach a screenshot of the Stats tab from my datahub and a screenshot of the get-column-statistics-for-table result.


08/18/2022, 2:28 PM
Hey! Thanks for raising this question. Storing statstics in table parameter is better than in column statistics in a few ways: • table parameter supports unlimited types of statistics • table parameter supports table-level statistics, like row count • AWS has an official boiler plate spark application that calculates the statistics and upload them as table parameters. Kindly check this AWS documentation for a thorough example: