Hi friends, there is no feature to preview actual ...
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Hi friends, there is no feature to preview actual rows from data sources yet, right?
But someone writes here "The sample rows of data presents under Stats Tab" - that isn't true is it?
Some data sources support data profiling and allow you to see some example column values, next to the typical profiling metrics (min value, max value, % of nulls, ...). The stats tab is the data profiling visualisation
Ah I see... well lets hope that feature comes some time soon
cc @little-megabyte-1074! Currently we only include row-anonymized sample values. We'd definitely be intererested in capturing a more well-structured row-preview, however. As long as we put proper access controls behind it, we should be in good shape
Hmm, a bit stupid follow-up question to you both: How can I do that? I would like to try out the anonymized row preview
Row-anonymized sample values coming from our profiling feature 🙂
This is supported for the warehouses and some other sources like Postgres
@high-family-71209 here’s an example! You can check it out in demo here
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from my trials it feels more like GE took 3 rows and made them the sample values for the stats tab 🙂 so effectively i can guess how 1 row actually is
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oh boy