# troubleshoot


06/08/2022, 5:41 PM
Hi, I have a situation where I have quickstarted datahub on a single EC2 instance and have ingested metadata from various sources. I now need to close the EC2 instance and the AWS account, however I need a way to store the ingested metadata for future use. I need a way to copy the metadata to an offline or shared drive to be duplicated for a future instance of datahub on EC2. I am thinking of using CloudFormation to recreate the EC2 instance with datahub installed. I would then transfer the metadata to that instance so that the backend database appears the same as before. Would I need to create copies of my existing GMS and mySQL containers and modify the quickstart compose file to use those containers instead? Not too sure what to do here.


06/14/2022, 7:01 PM
Hi @red-accountant-48681 - apologies for the delayed response! Do you still need direction here?