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<!channel> 🚨🚨NEW ARTICLE ALERT 🚨🚨from our wonderful intern @careful-jackal-62229 on Using DataHub for Search and Discovery 🔍. READ HERE In this quick 5 min read, Sayak goes through the top search and discovery use cases through the eyes of a Business Analytics Lead, and a Data Engineer. I really like how he has made it simple to understand what you can do with DataHub today. Please give this a read and some claps, share it to your socials, and spread the word of DataHub so that our community continues growing! Thanks all 🙂
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Hi! A doubt. In the "stats" tab, when and how are "Monthly Queries", "Top Users" and "Last Updated" information loaded?
@brainy-wall-41694 The stats information comes from running the profiler. Monthly queries and top users come from running "usage" extractors available for platforms like Snowflake, BigQuery and Redshift (which also pulls in last updated time)
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