# advice-data-governance


06/03/2022, 11:38 AM
Hi there 🙂 Can we say that regarding RGPD concerns, as datahub is gatering only metadata we don't have "data" collected so we are out of RGPD rules ? I've read that in some cases we could have some data drilled into DHub for analytics page but it seems we can avoid that. Can we that RDPR is not an issue


06/03/2022, 3:06 PM
Sorry the answer is “it depends”
Is you have profiling activated on a table that has, let’s say, a “email” column. email is considered private information therefore when a user requests that data to be deleted you should delete it also from there.
That’s the legal definition, tecnically, is very difficult to relate this specific data to any action the user has made, so the risk is quite low.
But!! what if the data is a Credit Card number that you store unhashed because of “who knows why”? Then you are in serious trouble 😄
sine you started the question, let me add something that maybe is a feature request. Can we select on profiling which columns to show or hide the sample value from depending on, let’s say, tags?