hi guys, we are using v0.8.27.2 to ingest tableau ...
# integrate-tableau-datahub
hi guys, we are using v0.8.27.2 to ingest tableau but we are getting this error:
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Error text:
Source (tableau) report:
{'workunits_produced': 0,
'workunit_ids': [],
'warnings': {},
'failures': {'tableau-metadata': ["Unable to retrieve metadata from tableau. Information: Connection: workbooksConnection Error: [{'message': "
'"Validation error of type FieldUndefined: Field 'upstreamDatasources' in type 'Sheet' is undefined @ '
''workbooksConnection/nodes/sheets/upstreamDatasources'", 'locations': [{'line': 30, 'column': 9, '
''sourceName': None}], 'description': "Field 'upstreamDatasources' in type 'Sheet' is undefined", '
"'validationErrorType': 'FieldUndefined', 'queryPath': ['workbooksConnection', 'nodes', 'sheets', "
"'upstreamDatasources'], 'errorType': 'ValidationError', 'path': None, 'extensions': None}]"]}}
Sink (datahub-rest) report:
{'records_written': 0,
'warnings': [],
'failures': [],
'downstream_start_time': None,
'downstream_end_time': None,
'downstream_total_latency_in_seconds': None}
Our table version is
Tableau Server Version: 2021.1.10 (20211.21.1217.2241) 64-bit Windows
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Hi @modern-artist-55754 The tableau source is compatible with tableau version 2021.4.0. Will it be possible for you to try the tableau source with mentioned version. Meanwhile I will check with tableau source team for possibility to support tableau version 2021.1.10 Please refer Compatibility section at https://datahubproject.io/docs/metadata-ingestion/source_docs/tableau/
cc: @loud-island-88694
@gentle-hamburger-31302 thanks for the information. So for the mean time if we want to make it to work with our version, we would have to write our own emitters?
@gentle-hamburger-31302 i can confirm
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upstreamDatasources {
isn't available in our version of Tableau GraphQL. I'm curious on what that is used for?
@modern-artist-55754 we will take a look at what is required to support this version cc @gentle-hamburger-31302
@loud-island-88694 thanks.
Hi @modern-artist-55754 can you let us know if this issue is still persisting? Thank you
@calm-autumn-56629 the ingestion has been working well with our version of tableau. There are some other teething issues but probably not related to the specific version.
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