05/24/2023, 9:47 PM
๐Ÿงต Hello everyone, we are trying to deploy DataHub on a VM and have followed the steps listed in the documentation, but have been stuck at the same point. I can get it installed on the VM without any issues, but when I try to deploy the DataHub instance locally, it fails with the following error -
Unable to run quickstart - the following issues were detected:
- or is not running

If you think something went wrong, please file an issue at <>
or send a message in our Slack <>
Be sure to attach the logs from /tmp/tmpbsyeu5qv.log
apuranik@cvia1dct001:~$ less /tmp/tmpbsyeu5qv.log
apuranik@cvia1dct001:~$ less /tmp/tmpbsyeu5qv.log
apuranik@cvia1dct001:~$ ls -l /tmp/tmpbsyeu5qv.log
-rw------- 1 apuranik docker 0 May 24 16:33 /tmp/tmpbsyeu5qv.log
Unfortunately, nothing is captured in the log. I was not able to find anything online that could help me with this issue. I have tried this twice (rebuilt the VM) and landed in the same spot. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated!


05/30/2023, 7:50 AM
Hi, could you confirm what version are you using / did you followed all pre-reqs in this guide? Also, have you checked your docker proxy settings / resources? this thread might be helpful :;cid=CV2KB471C


05/30/2023, 12:38 PM
Hello Hyejin, thank you for your response. I will check on this today and get back to you!
Hyejin, I was able to get datahub running. There was an issue with the VM I had installed it on. I will now start ingesting our metadata into the tool. Thanks again! ๐Ÿ™‚