# e2e-testing


08/19/2021, 7:03 PM
After reading the new session API docs, I want to try it. But I wanted to check if anything obvious might not work with our pretty non-standard login flow. We use Playwright to login much like this This is the code I adapted for our use, since MS Active Directory is the auth service behind the app. So through a task, Cypress initiates Playwright, which logins, saves the cookies and local storage, then passes it back to cypress. Then the cookies/items are set in the Cypress spawned browser in the login command. The only difference I can really think of is that I believe I need to do cy.visit() after setting the cookies/items to truly finalize the login (make sure it is valid with the server and all is hunky dory). So I guess I would do cy.visit at the end of the 'setup' within cy.session, instead of at the beginning. None of this raises any immediate red flags for cy.session usage for anyone, does it?