cloudflare cache reserve pricing?


05/25/2023, 5:19 AM
Hello, I've been "at war" with Cloudflare for a month now because I'm trying to find out their cache reserve pricing and why they charge the way they do, maybe someone can help? So, they have the following pricing on their website: Cache Reserve pricing Storage $0.015 / GB-month Class A Operations (writes) $4.50 / million requests Class B Operations (reads) $0.36 / million requests I got the first month's bill: Cache Reserve Storage 0.08464 $0.02 Cache Reserve Writes 4,436 $4.50 Cache Reserve Reads 23,693 $0.36 No issues and questions here. All clear. I got the second month's bill: Cache Reserve Storage 0.10234 $0.03 Cache Reserve Writes 1,718 $9.00 Cache Reserve Reads 14,975 $0.72 And here is the question, why do I have to pay double the price - $9 for 1,718 writes and 0.72$ for reads when the pricing says I should be charged $4.5 / 0.36$ for every million? Or am I miscalculating somehow?


05/25/2023, 8:56 AM
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