Help! I just installed CF-2021 on my desktop for d...
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Help! I just installed CF-2021 on my desktop for development purposes. Prior to installing, I created a deployment package of the datasources from my CF-2016 version I had running, then uninstalled CF-2016. After installing CF-2021, I select the deployment CAR, click Deploy and nothing happens. I can explore the CAR contents and see the datasources, but the deploy does nothing. I've tried restarting the CF service, no joy. What am I missing?
I created a ticket: CF-4214013
Asking because I don't know the answer: is that supposed to work across different versions of CF? I've only ever done it with installations of the same version.
I have used it in the past across versions. I guess I assumed it was supposed to work.
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Hi Steve,
Can you share the car.log file to check?
Let me see if I can blank out the passwords, then I'll share.
This was edited to remove the passwords. It looks correct, and the xml validated, but it is not as-is from the CF generation.
I did select this car to deploy and the result was the same - nothing. No error, no thank you, no nothing, just a refreshed page.
never had an issue using CAR files between different versions of CF, not a clue whether you are supposed to do such things though
@Mark Takata (Adobe) ^^^
For my desktop, I have already rekeyed all the missing datasources, so this is not a urgent issue. But this will be an issue as we migrate to 2021 on all our development, uat, and production servers.
Hi Steve, I meant the car.log file and not the car file itself. the car.log file will have the error as to why it is not showing. Also, you can navigate to {instance_name} >> lib >> neo-datasource.xml file and check if the datasources are getting populated there.