This configuration should filter out and generate ...
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This configuration should filter out and generate the YML file for the "api/user" endpoint only cbswagger = { // The route prefix to search. Routes beginning with this prefix will be determined to be api routes "routes" : [ "api/user" ],... but doesn't work for me. It actually throws an error on a previous endpoint called Appointment, like so: { "message": "The $ref file pointer of HTTP verb POST -> create/update Appointment could not be loaded and parsed as a valid object. If your $ref file content is an array, please nest the array within an object as a named key. - (error handler: main.onException)", "success": 0, "result": "", "statuscode": 500, "httpmethod": "GET", "httpcontent": "", "currentevent": "cbSwagger:Main.index" }
Hi, please thread your questions. 🙂 If it encounters an error it will stop. So if a previous route is erroring out, you gotta fix that before additional routes will get read
my first guess is that, somewhere in a json schema file, you have a $ref value that points to a file that doesn't exist.