Noticing in CommandBox that as it loads Adobe CF20...
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Noticing in CommandBox that as it loads Adobe CF2018 server the animated icon is partially cut off. See this screencast. It ended before it could record more than a second or two but it shows what I speak of in the top-left corner just before the CommandBox prompt:
@teaman Do you have your terminal font size adjusted?
What does it look like if you simply copty/paste this text into your terminal
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[ ' ◐ ', ' ◓ ', ' ◑ ', ' ◒ ' ]
it looks normal on my terminal
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Whatever font you have selected will also affect how it looks
@bdw429s I haven't adjusted my terminal font size. I'm using VSCode editor terminal. I copied and pasted the array string and it doesn't paste. Nothing shows there.
I don't know what font this terminal uses. I don't recall ever specifying it so it should still be the default font for VSC terminal.
it doesn't paste
Are you saying your terminal doesn't allow pasting? Because I don't believe that.
Note, perhaps you're not familiar with pasting into a terminal, but most outside of Con-EMU for example don't just allow Ctrl-V
You usually have to right click to paste
Regardless, that was just because I wanted to see how it shows up
The short answer to this is really going to be that the issue is 99% likely in how your terminal and font are rendering and nothing at all that CommandBox has any control over ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@bdw429s Ok Cntrl-V didn't work but right click did and it pasted/displayed as shown:
It likely is a VSC terminal issue but adding an extra space after the symbol in each string might fix it?
Nope, the animations for interactive jobs are all exactly three characters wide. The array I had you paste is taken right out of the CommandBox source code that controls the animcatin and you can see there is already one space before and after.
I don't really think there is a "fix" for this-- it's just how your terminal is displaying that character for some reason.
You could try another font
I use powerline patched fonts in combination with the Bullet Train module, which I highly recommend you install 🙂
@bdw429s Ok thanks