Just an FYI. I've just done a fresh CFWheels insta...
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Just an FYI. I've just done a fresh CFWheels install from forgebox, and on the "You have successfully installedversion 2.2.0 of CFWheels." (sic: not the missing space in there, btw) page that loads on the
route by default there is a link "View and code along with our "Hello World" tutorial.". This goes to https://guides.cfwheels.org/v2.2/docs/beginner-tutorial-hello-world, which 404s.
By the looks of it, it should link to https://guides.cfwheels.org/docs/beginner-tutorial-hello-world. Although https://guides.cfwheels.org/v2.0/docs/beginner-tutorial-hello-world (note
in that URL) also redirects properly back to the non-versioned one. However I'm not on 2.0 I'm on 2.2 so that URL doesn't seem completely appropriate. Maybe it should be 2.x? Anyway, do with this information what you will. It's no odds to me.