Do you think a good blog topic might be something ...
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Do you think a good blog topic might be something addressing the situation that most of the "core team" of CFWheels retired, in the last few days?
I'm not sure what real-world impact that will have given the project is largely fallow anyhow. But one of said team chose to mention it fairly... erm... "emphatically"... on the Working Code Podcast discord channel a day or so ago. So maybe it's a thing.
I was the one who said it on the Working Code podcast Adam and i have no problem repeating it here. We didn't retire, we quit largely because of your negative comments and the fact that CFWheels was relegated to a punching bag on that discord channel. We offered our time for free and the team just didn't deserve that. And I haven't been hiding anything on this channel either. I told you directly the effects your wording was having on the team.
I don’t know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes or why it’s getting ‘punched’ by some individuals. I think the cfml community need this kind of open source projects, it has great added value. Personally, I like the ORM and object callbacks, these functionalities are speeding up my development process enormously. I want to thank all the team members for the great work that has been done and hope there’s still a great future for CFWheels.
@Tom Sucaet I'm glad you're finding CFWheels useful and increasing your productivity. If you check out the blog at you'll see some fresh blog posts and one that talks about this subject in particular. Please comment on that link, share the link, and spread the word. CFWheels isn't going anywhere.