Does anyone know if the CommandBox module cfconfig...
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Does anyone know if the CommandBox module cfconfig can export/import Solr Server and Collection settings? In testing, it doesn't appear that they are included in the export.
Yeah if its not in the export then what you are looking for has not been implemented yet.
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There is a short list of settings that have not been implemented yet. These last few things can be done by you or me. You'd have to contribute that work to this package:
@adam.euans I've avoided the SOLR collections for two reasons to date ā€¢ A SOLR collection is more than just the settings in the config files, but a bunch of other files that must be created on disk that only ColdFusion's admin can do ā€¢ There has been very little interesting in the feature.
I probably wouldn't be too hard to read/write the settings about the collection, but importing them into a new server, so far as I know, wouldn't actually create the collections on disk so it would be fairly useless I think
Happy to look further if someone wants to sponsor the work, but I think you're only the second person to ask šŸ™‚
Agreed. I wasn't thinking of migrating the actual collection (they can get pretty big). In my case, it's a shared resource so the server just needs to be set to point to the remote server.
That's a valid use case-- so long as you are responsible for putting the actual collection on disk