With quick subclass and discriminated entities the...
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With quick subclass and discriminated entities the docs state
Once this is defined, any new BookMedia entity will be saved with a type value of book in the media table. As such, the following query will result in only entities of BookMedia being returned:
however this does not seem to be the case. It seems you have to explicitly set the discriminator property before saving. Is this the expected behavior? Reading the docs it seems like this should be done implicitly for you.
Can you link to the docs you are referring to?
near the bottom
@elpete I also have this weird issue where the discriminator just does not seems to work. This code returns all records in the table. The SQL design does not have link tables.
parent: Trade.cfc https://pastebin.com/PhLAfe36 child: Forward.cfc https://pastebin.com/HHxfy1PQ
I realized that quick only supports a 'table per class' inheritance sql strategy with the 'joinColumn' attribute