Hi, I've installed ACF2018 with hotfix 12 and now ...
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Hi, I've installed ACF2018 with hotfix 12 and now I need to remove it and apply hotfix 10. I've found the cfhxxx file inside cfusion\lib\updates. I've removed the cfh corresponding to hf12 and copied the cfh for the hf10 but after stopping and restariting the server when accessing coldfusion administrator it said still is a CF with hotfix 12. I've searched for docum to do this change but no luck. Any hint? some config file that I've not changed? Thanks a lot
@fman FWIW, those aren't "hotfixes", they're just "udpaters".
hotfixes are special out-of-band patches Adobe will directly send customers for a specific fix that isn't part of an official release yet
It's probably possible to downgrade a CommandBox installation. but I never do that-- it would just be whatever normal process Adobe has you follow
Really, the best solution is to • Use CFConfig • be able to blow away your server home at any point in time and not care
Also, I'd recommend not using a custom server home-- it really just causes more problems like this one. Just let CommandBox manage your server home and everything would be easier.
I would like to understand what check is done to get -> | but this server home already has [adobe@2018.0.12+328566] deployed to it!
When CommandBox performs this check, it looks on the disk inside your server home and there is a file written in there called
Copy code
which contains text something like
Copy code
which tells CommandBox exactly what engine/version is in that folder.
If you remove that file, CommandBox will happily put any version back in that folder, but it DOESN'T overwrite, you'll probably bork your installation 🙂
Which is precisely why CommandBox wil refuse to touch a hard-coded server home. It's up to you to manage or forget once you start using a hard-coded folder.
Thanks Brad. Going to give a look.