I'm trying to install the Ortus module <https://fo...
# box-products
I'm trying to install the Ortus module https://forgebox.io/view/s3explorer but I'm getting the following error...
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install id=s3explorer verbose=true
 | | Installing package [forgebox:s3explorer]
   | Installing version [3.0.1].
                                                                                                                                                              × | Installing package [forgebox:s3explorer]
   | Verifying package 's3explorer' in forgebox, please wait...
   | Installing version [3.0.1].
   | Verified entry in forgebox: 's3explorer'
   | Deferring to [forgebox] endpoint for forgebox entry [s3explorer]...
ERROR (5.4.2+00453)

Invalid slug detected.  Slugs can only contain letters, numbers, underscores, and hyphens. They may also be prepended with an @ sign for private packages
Where can I get some help?
Very interesting. I confirmed the issue on my machine as well. I raised this question to our Forgebox guru, we'll see what he says.
Thanks, do let me know the outcome.
@dick Please try again. This is an old package that hasn't seen love for a few years. The package metadata was screwed up on ForgeBox. It seems you were the first person to try and install it in a while 🙂
Thank you, yes it installs now. I'll check it later.