I'm running into a null pointer exception when try...
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I'm running into a null pointer exception when trying to start coldbox as a REST API using a lucee instance created by commandbox. The error doesn't offer many clues. I'm using coldbox 6.6.1 and Lucee This startup failure does not occur on our shared dev, stage, qa, or production environments, only locally. I've set up my local development server as closely to our shared dev server as I can, however, the following explicit differences are present: • I'm using windows and shared dev is on linux • I'm using EHCache vs Redis There is one post on stackoverflow with the same issue but no answer. I'm out of ideas.
@david.kreimer This is a known Lucee bug
it happens when an error is thrown from the onApplicationStart
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If you search the Lucee bug tracker with the first couple lines of the exception you'll find the ticket
I wish I had asked 2 days ago
Thanks @bdw429s
If you find and get rid of whatever is erroring when the site comes up, you can usually circumvent it, lol
Fixed in 5.3.9 which is in RC3
I'd recommend installing the latest 5.3.9 version in your local server
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start cfengine=lucee@5.3.9-snapshot
Yeah, I haven't seen any errors during the startup in the logs or on screen. The code I'm running is the same as what's on our shared dev server (which has been working for months without issue). Thanks for the idea. I think I can stop pulling my hair out 🙂
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that did it.. i know exactly where the problem is. i just didnt clone a repo because i thought i didnt need it for my minimal example app deployment smh.
thanks a ton @bdw429s!
Meh, who knows. That error bit me for a while too
I'm glad it's finally fixed
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Lucee 5.39 is in RC3 and very stable
It is supposed to release very soon
As soon as it does, CommandBox 5.5 will release too!
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excellent. I'll prep my devops/IT team for that 😄 i'm using RC3 now
i loooove box/cfconfig. automated deployments would be a nightmare without it
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