<@U02UXCF9TTP> this depends on many many factors
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@Marco Liverani this depends on many many factors
we simply turned off the CF debug… and this was enough 😉
I’m still looking for a definitely solution about this. Without the CF debug (disabling it in cfadmin or using the _cf_nodebug parameter) the objects creation is very quick, but I can’t turn off debug on production server or neither use the url parameter for every request. Further more, the showDebugOutput=false seems to hide the debug results, but doesn’t skip the debug itself. Is there a way to manage or disable the execution time tracking from ColdBox settings? What else do I need to check for time consumption issues?
you both have too many messages in different channels going on. this is your answer. period, full stop. https://cfml.slack.com/archives/C06T99N9G/p1649852288448789?thread_ts=1649839424.724569&amp;cid=C06T99N9G
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