In commandbox I updated my dev site to lucee@5.3.9...
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In commandbox I updated my dev site to lucee@ and use this.datasources["mydb"] in Application so I don't have to always setup the database in a new version of Lucee. When the site launches on the new Lucee server I get datasource not found even though it's set in application. The db server, database and credentials haven't changed. Is this what is suppose to happen or is the encypted password string going to be different between servers.
I think you still need to set a default datasource. So you have your struct of
but you also need to set a default (
) if you don’t want to call it out explicitly on the query.
@danmurphy I have that too. the actual error is "*The data source could not be reached." The minute I setup the datasource again on the new lucee server and paste that datasource string back in*c it's fine again. Maybe the driver version being different has something to do with it too? I had 8.0.15 before and mysql driver 8.0.19 on the new server. Anyways thanks for chiming in.
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