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Matt Dyer

03/04/2022, 5:46 PM
We have CF2018 and IIS 10 Win Server 2019. When I try to go to any of our sites with just the domain name I get this error Could not load type 'C:\Coldfusion2018\config\wsconfig\1\isapi_redirect.dll'. If I add index.cfm the site loads fine. I added a rewrite rule in IIS to fix it for now, but I would like to know what the issue is if anybody has any ideas. Thanks.
We have tried rerunning the web connector.
We figured this out. There was a problem with the handler mappings. I'm not sure if my co-worker added them manually. He is away so I can't ask him right now. They were added in IIS as Managed Handlers. Removing them and adding them as Script Maps fixed the issue. I figured this out by looking at another server and using this document to correct the problem
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