Just finished a meeting with <@U076DJ2BB> discussi...
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Just finished a meeting with @micha discussing the 5.3.9 sprint, it's looking good. https://luceeserver.atlassian.net/jira/software/c/projects/LDEV/boards/10?sprint=56 Full support Java 17 won't make this sprint, otherwise everything remaining on the board is on track for RC2
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@zackster how is it about the java 16 support? Asking because of https://docs.lucee.org/guides/installing-lucee/download-and-install.html#supportedJavaVersions
dunno, YMMV... it won't crash on startup since we updated felix, but I wouldn't be using a non LTS java version if i didn't have to
@zackster Do you have a target release date for 5.3.9?
RC2 probably early the week after next, then a stable release (assuming no major problems) around the last week of march
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