We're using mod_cfml to dynamically configure cont...
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We're using mod_cfml to dynamically configure contexts in Tomcat for Lucee. When an initial request is made to an unknown host, mod_cfml will return a redirect status code, which we have configured for 307. Is there anyway to get Apache/Nginx to retry these operations instead of passing it back to the client? We have some code in a few places that do HTTP calls to the application and we're currently not following redirects, because a 302 redirect is a sign of a problem. I could fix that code to retry for 307 error codes, but I'm afraid the issue could cause problems with API calls outside our organization where people are connecting. I could add a warm up script to hit all domains after Tomcat is started, but I was hoping there might be a way to just prevent the issue at all or at least prevent the client from seeing the problem.
@dswitzer you should just link to your cross posted forum post here so all of the discussion can be in one place.