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@bdw429s @zackster Have you ever been unable to login to the Lucee atlassian issue tracker? I can't on FF or Chrome. When I click the login button, the page is refreshed and nothing happens. I've cleared my cache and everything... looking at the console I get a ton of 401 errors on resources. I sent an email to atlassian support and they told me that you guys are the admins and to contact you lol! 🙂
I just logged out and back into the Lucee JIRA with no issue
Not sure what's happening to you
It works fine for me on the iOS app... just not in the browser
what's the logout link? Maybe it will reset something
btw, same thing in Edge... basically cannot login with any browser. I'll try a different machine.
@bdw429s something seems broken... I've tried it on 5 different browsers on 2 different machines. Clicking the login button does nothing but reload the page. There's no login form anywhere. I can't be the only one with this issue, unless somehow my IP address is being blocked.
hmm, Lucee manages the user in JIRA, but we dont' have anything to do with the app server or the hosting. The on-demand JIRA instances are all hosted for us
Ugh! There's a login button in the left/top drop down toggle when you are not logged in. That button does not work at all. However there is another button on the top/right that leads to the login form. That does work.
It sounds like you resolved the issue, but when I have issues like this on a site, I just clear the cookies/storage for the domain. That almost always resolves the issue.
yeah, we use the hosted version, so there's no much we can do, you can raise a support ticket with atlassian