6 AM is too early to be coming across code like th...
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6 AM is too early to be coming across code like this…lol. Terrifying this person is ultimately processing credit cards.
Wow. I wonder how many things are "wrong" with this. I particularly love the use of
and pound-signs in this. And tags.
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I just don't understand the requirement of getting the first or last letter in UCASE from a static string. WTF? ... just put T ? or Y?
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I think they thought "today" would magically resolve to - eg - 2022-02-25. Or they had guidance from elsewhere (like a Jira ticket etc) saying "take the first and last character from today [implied: today's date] [because reasons]", and they were too hopeless to work that out.
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To be frank... nothing I see there surprises me of the capabilities & nous of a lot of CFML devs*.*
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At least the value of
is Y. You can almost pretend it's a reasonable variable name.
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Oh man, I think I need a drink after that one... Forget the coffee, break out the hard stuff!
It's not even the worst thing here but using a capital letter for the start of every function except
is really hurting my feelings 😂
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