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04/30/2022, 10:26 PM
anyone experienced covid, how it feels when once have it

Scott Bennett

04/30/2022, 10:33 PM
I had very mild symptoms personally. Felt sick (headache/fever) for an afternoon, then felt fine the next day, but lost my sense of smell for a couple weeks. I know other people who had severe symptoms though. Seems to depend on the individual. Particularly if they already have respitory or other existing health issues.


05/01/2022, 12:11 AM
oh ok, mine temperature stayed two days along with fatigue and weakness with less coughing but the throat is still sore and having hard time swallowing or even gulping. trying to stay hydrated as much as i can Apart from that not sure how long its going to take to recover.


05/01/2022, 12:19 AM
A couple of friends of mine caught COVID before the vaccines were available and they're still suffering symptoms a year or more later -- "long COVID" -- and they were both so sick they could barely function for months, until they got their first vaccine dose. They've gotten slowly better with each vaccine dose and booster.
Quite a few folks in my family and my wife's family have had it, both prior to being vaccinated, and post-vaccination. In general, the post-vax experiences have been much milder but can still last a week or so. It seems very, very variable.
Rest, hydration... not much else helps, I'm afraid.

Evil Ware

05/01/2022, 1:51 AM
Zinc, Anti-oxidants such as vitamin c, vitamin d, and vitamin e in mass doses have proven to be effective in treatment. For Zinc, 100Mg first day, 100 MG second day, 50 mg day for at least 2 weeks after. C -1000 MG x2 daily 2 days, then 1000Mg daily for 2 weeks. D 5000 mg daily, E, 500 MG daily. See Israeli Study on covid + vitamin D clinical trials for more info. As for symptoms, it varies greatly from person to person. Most report flu-like symptoms. The problem is both the vaccines and the disease have a long list of side effects, that can range from weeks to months or longer.

Ken Fricklas

05/01/2022, 4:57 PM
@gsr pretty much my exact symptoms... sore throat was at its worst for about 3 days, just tired for a couple of weeks after that. Hit the vitamin D for sure, tho I've heard it doesn't make much different after you've already caught it. I did get an antiviral, so results may vary.

Myka Forrest

05/02/2022, 1:17 PM
My husband and I are double-vaccinated and boosted. 7yo is double-vaccinated; 3yo can't get one yet. My kids and I had cold symptoms back in January, and the kids had mild fevers, so we decided to test on a whim. 3yo and I were positive, but it didn't slow her down a bit. I was a little extra fatigued before I even got test results back, but it only lasted a day. Other than that, the annoying lingering cough was the worst part. Otherwise, it seemed like a moderate cold.


05/02/2022, 1:51 PM
I got Covid right before the first vaccine was available. It was like a nasty flu for me and I couldn't smell anything. I ended up with Covid pneumonia but it was caught early so I was put on some strong antibiotics. I was still out for 3 weeks. Had a nasty cough that persisted for 2 months and it took 4 months to get my smell back and it's still not 100% over a year later.