Hi All. We're generating QR Codes from our CF bas...
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Hi All. We're generating QR Codes from our CF based platforms and are wondering how folks in the CF world are providing QR Code features these days. Googling shows a bunch of different results, which look promising but are fairly old now. So, if there is a more current approach, I want to make sure we know about that. Thanks in advance!
We use barcode4J in WAR form and run it in a small commamdbox Docker container, since commandbox can deploy any WAR (not just Coldfusion) - then we use it as a webservice in our apps
We use the
jar which has been around for a while but works just fine for our needs
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We use https://www.npmjs.com/package/qrious but that's obvs a JS package...
@sknowlton @aliaspooryorik @neokoenig Thanks for the feedback! We will check out those options.
in this link you will find some code to generate qrcodes with zxing https://jasonsteinshouer.com/2019/05/26/totp-2fa-in-cfml.html