Hi, I am installing CF 2021, I want to map a netwo...
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Hi, I am installing CF 2021, I want to map a network drive as a wwwroot so, i can do my work on that network drive and check it on my local because database i have on my local
Simone. normally what I do is install CF2021 on the server, you can always share the web tree to your local machine. In order to create your domain, update your local copy of hosts (i.e. c:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) and put the ip address and domain in at the bottom. For example, suppose you want you web site to be dev.simone.com, add the information to the host file as: dev.simone.com. This will resolve the name to the server. On the server, create (in IIS) a web site called 'dev'simone.com' and put your code there. As for the database, you can always put a datasource link to your local machine (assuming the port 1433) is open. Should be fine from there.