I'm debugging a Scheduler Issue. A page is schedul...
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I'm debugging a Scheduler Issue. A page is scheduled to run each day, and only continues when certain criteria is met ( dates checked against the database). It runs at 4:15AM each day, however I am getting a 2nd execution of the task at 5:01AM at least once per month ( no dates in common though ) I've checked the neo-cron.xml file for a 2nd instance of the page, I have checked the scheduler.log in CF 2016 Admin ( its only in there once per day), I have checked the page itself to see if it refers to itself, I have checked the code base to see if the page is referenced elsewhere I'm out of troubleshooting ideas. Does anyone have advice?
I've seen this happen by having a test system accidentally configured to point at a production url. You can probably check your webserver logs to see the source IP for the incoming request.
Thanks for your reply.
As a matter of fact, its an enterprise server and I have a few copies of the system elsewhere.
However, I have checked them and I can't find anything.