<@U06TXELG5> posted my blog entry about AWS Lambda...
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@rickmason posted my blog entry about AWS Lambda to Hacker News: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=30950094
I had a good chuckle about the .cfm in the URL, until I clicked through and realized its a blog from a ColdFusion enthusiast about a serverless ColdFusion framework. Who knew?
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Pete, I am way too active on HN. Once a month or so I post something CF noteworthy. Fifteen years ago any CF mention would get attacked. Folks whose last involvement with the language was CF 3. I would calmly and unemotionally educate them. Now it's switched to comments like I didn't know CF could do that! I regard Fuseless quite highly. It's a darn shame years after it was released we still don't have a ACF or Lucee official alternative. Hopefully next year!
Well thanks for posting it Rick, I don't usually post my stuff there so it was fun to see a little extra traffic from it. Also always fun to surprise someone about what is possible with CF
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