How often does CF Server clear the template cache?...
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How often does CF Server clear the template cache? Is there a way to set the frequency?
i think only on restart and when you click the button in the administrator. I don't think it does it automatically ever.
@TEMann Depends on which cache 🙂 There are two (also, letting us know if you mean Adobe or Lucee would be helpful here) • disk cache • in-memory cache
Adobe allows you to disable the disk cache, Lucee does not.
The memory caches obviously only clear when you restart the server, unless you've clicked the button in the admin, or used the Admin API (adobe) or the
function (Lucee)
Adobe and Lucee also have a trusted cache setting, but they also differ. Adobe is just on/off. But Lucee's is • check the .cfm source file every time • ... once per request • ... never
Generally speaking, unless you have the trusted cache setting to never, CF will automatically pick up changes in the source files. If you do have trusted cache set to never check, then it's up to you to tell it when to clear.
Adobe allows you to clear individual files, Lucee is an all-or-nothing clear