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Joseph Newing

04/24/2022, 5:51 PM
So I hope this is the right place to ask this, was just trying to get a fresh install of cal, so I cloned the repo and followed the instructions in the all the migrations seemed to be created ok etc... I was able to access the db using the handy
yarn db-studio
command and added a dummy user in there, however I'm unable to login, after adding the user and heading to http//<>3000 I'm greeted with a nice login page so I attempt to login using the email/password I just added into the db and I get the error: "Something went wrong" after a little digging the error is actually:
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Invalid `prisma.user.findUnique()` invocation:

  The table `public.users` doe not exist in the current database.


04/25/2022, 4:24 AM
Hey @Joseph Newing, which DATABASE_URL env do you have set? It seems it’s not pointing at the correct one. By default points to postgres:5450 which is our docker database which runs if you run yarn dx If you are using your own postgres, you need to provide the correct env var.