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Devin Green

02/04/2022, 12:59 PM
Hey guys, I'm gonna get some feedback in the railway part too, but I wanted your guy's opinion too. I can't deploy anymore from what seems like a node version mismatch. Here's my deploy logs (in the replies)
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Using Buildpacks!
latest: Pulling from railwayapp/railway-builder
Digest: sha256:ceeb15f2ea8585f3c979d4cffe31f1378fe1c44824eb68f8a80211cec0d98519
Status: Image is up to date for <|>
full-cnb: Pulling from paketobuildpacks/run
Digest: sha256:07517089ecbb816c85ab3df2c3dc5fcc9d1817579e90009f87670294a3268026
Status: Image is up to date for paketobuildpacks/run:full-cnb Pulling from heroku-buildpacks/heroku-nodejs-buildpack
40dfcedc8047: Pulling fs layer
f11a5f31a696: Pulling fs layer
d3edad7a3921: Pulling fs layer
e14c51aba675: Pulling fs layer
75462453e0f4: Pulling fs layer
e14c51aba675: Waiting
75462453e0f4: Waiting
f11a5f31a696: Verifying Checksum
f11a5f31a696: Download complete
d3edad7a3921: Download complete
40dfcedc8047: Verifying Checksum
40dfcedc8047: Download complete
75462453e0f4: Download complete
40dfcedc8047: Pull complete
f11a5f31a696: Pull complete
d3edad7a3921: Pull complete
e14c51aba675: Download complete
e14c51aba675: Pull complete
75462453e0f4: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:345070637ae84a9578e47332e8fb3fdb925ed6f91a90bf971d1523f6c2043f2c
Status: Downloaded newer image for Pulling from heroku-buildpacks/heroku-nodejs-yarn-buildpack
Digest: sha256:2af2cf7b38c5dec4e4507ac50d3a1def29e0737d061dda405c195ccac8d89951
Status: Image is up to date for
0.13.3: Pulling from buildpacksio/lifecycle
Digest: sha256:9d194fc3997e8c448473431433908d932cd359b10b270f2b0f76ec795c8cae28
Status: Image is up to date for buildpacksio/lifecycle:0.13.3
Previous image with name "" not found
heroku/nodejs-engine 0.7.5
[detector] heroku/nodejs-yarn   0.1.8
[detector] heroku/procfile      0.6.2
[INFO] Node.js Buildpack
[INFO] Installing toolbox
[INFO] - yj

[builder] [Installing Node]
[builder] [INFO] Getting Node version
[INFO] Resolving Node version
[INFO] Downloading and extracting Node v17.4.0
[INFO] Setting NODE_ENV to production
[builder] [Parsing package.json]
[builder] [INFO] Parsing package.json

[builder] [Installing yarn]
[INFO] Installing yarn@1.22.17
[INFO] No file to start server
[builder] [INFO] either use 'docker run' to start container or add index.js or server.js

[builder] added 1 package, and audited 2 packages in 993ms

[builder] found 0 vulnerabilities
npm notice
npm notice New minor version of npm available! 8.3.1 -> 8.4.1
npm notice Changelog: <<>>;
npm notice Run `npm install -g npm@8.4.1` to update!
[builder] npm notice
---> Installing node modules from ./yarn.lock
yarn install v1.22.17
[1/5] Validating package.json...
[2/5] Resolving packages...
[3/5] Fetching packages...
error next-auth@4.0.6: The engine "node" is incompatible with this module. Expected version "^12.19.0 || ^14.15.0 || ^16.13.0". Got "17.4.0"
error Found incompatible module.
info Visit <> for documentation about this command.
ERROR: failed to build: exit status 1
ERROR: failed to build: executing lifecycle. This may be the result of using an untrusted builder: failed with status code: 51
Turns out I needed to pin node in the package.json. So I got it.