• Umar Nizamani

    Umar Nizamani

    5 months ago
    Tiny typo here https://cal.com/pricing?infra
    Slack and phone upport
    Should be phone support
  • Ankit Gordhandas

    Ankit Gordhandas

    4 months ago
  • Jatin Ranka

    Jatin Ranka

    3 months ago
    Updated env file path in README: https://github.com/calcom/cal.com/pull/2937
    Jatin Ranka
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  • c

    Chris Cahill

    2 months ago
    hi <!here> could anyone point me to some examples of making calendar event bookings via HTTP requests? I did not find what sort of formatting the times need to be in from the documentation online. Any resources would be really helpful
  • c

    Chris Fry

    1 month ago
    Hey guys - how do I create a booking through API? The format for the request body is not in the postman docs or anywhere on the website…
  • g

    Guy Butts

    3 weeks ago
    Are there any docs on how to change the app's url using Heroku? I have the app up and running successfully on Heroku, but wanted to remove the <appname>.herokuapp.com url from booking links and such
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